Due to a pro-active method suspicious indicators can be invalidated.

International Security & Protection Services
, also known as I.S.P.S. Security, is since 2004 an National & Internationally operating security organization with a great passion for the profession and has its own certified K-9 Unit.
Our K-9 unit has his own Patrol and Detectiondogs (narcotics & explosives).

Not only are we active in the Netherlands and Germany but also in the Dutch Caribbean.
We are operating under the name I.S.P.S. Caribbean.
For the most part of our services we offer also in the Dutch Caribbean.

We live in a timezone of continuous changes, new technologies and the continuous development of services.
These developments are of great importance in view of the current society and the threat assessment, both nationally and internationally.
This means that organizations responsible for your safety must continuously renew their services in order to minimize the risks.
Based on good risk management, any risks are identified and measures are taken to ensure the highest safety

International Security & Protection Services grows with this market and all the innovations it entails.
In addition to deploying security officers at various locations, International Security & Protection Services consciously chooses to deploy Security Profilers and doghandlers.

Our Security Profilers, Close Protection Officers and Doghandlers are specially trained to detect suspicious indicators in advance whereby any risks can be minimized.

I.S.P.S. Security aims for a total solution for their (future) clients and can can provide a total solution for nearly every security issue.

  • I.S.P.S. Security is reliable.
  • I.S.P.S. Security is No-nonsense.
  • I.S.P.S. Security is professional.
  • I.S.P.S. Security is transparant
  • I.S.P.S. Security is quality

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International Security & Protection Services