Close Protection (CPO)

The demand for a good personal safety is growing stronger by the day..
Increasingly important individuals like artists, councilors, board members and other VIP and not to forget their families being targeted by criminals.
As a result of this the query to use of personal security is increasing. Not only a VIP but also not business related people increasingly rely on personal security in the form of a Close Protection Officer (CPO).

Attentive, alert and unobtrusive.
This is how we approach to protect these individuals in the best defined way.
Our Close Protection Officers are specialists with many years of experiance in protecting and safety education.
They do not lose the sight on the VIP or group and/or there family without going unnecessarily to the forefront.

I.S.P.S. Security knows, by many years of experience, like no one else that this form of Close Protection is generally experienced as very drastic.
Therefore I.S.P.S. Security has compiled a special team who knows exactly how to protect and giving you a comfortable feeling.

One of our Close Protection Officers has earn his position within this special service...... Read more.

More information, contact our office and our specialist will inform you.