Patrol Dogs

There is no security officer that leaves a bigger impression than a well trained patrol dog. A patrol dog and its handler can soon replaces three regular security officers.
Our dog handlers are therefore trained at a higher level and very widely deployable.

We have well-trained dog handlers who are characterized by a professional insight and passion for working with their dogs.
Especially for the prevention of calamities, this is a great advantage, such as at events, various objects at the nightly hours, but also by day time.
Thanks to the excellent senses of the dogs a team, of human and dog, is of great value during these services.
The Patrol Dog Teams of I.S.P.S. Security exist of one handler with their own certified Patrol dogs.

Because the security officer work with dogs that are in they own or beeing a team 24/7 they form a solid duo who can perform the following tasks:

  • Collective security projects,
  • Events (both on access and confusing place on the premises),
  • Exhibitions,
  • Sports and music events,
  • Bankruptcies and seizures,
  • Constructions. (to prevent tieft of for example copper),
  • Mobile Patrol,
  • Crowd management & Control,
  • Preventing incidents.
  • Faster tracing of unwanted visit by using the dog's senses,
  • Evacuations of eg squares and preventive presence during and after evacuation,
  • Provide Safety & Security of persons and their homes at an increased risk of any nature.


This is a small part of the possibilities to use our specialists.
For more information, please contact us for a free call with one of our coordinators to discuss your possibilities.