Search & Detection

No person has a stronger scent than a well trained search and detection dog. The segment search & detection dogs within I.S.P.S. Security includes instruction, training and education in various disciplines including:

  • Explosive Detetcion Dogs (EDD)
  • Narcotic Detection Dogs (NDD),
  • Search Dogs Human Sents,
  • Explosive Detection Dogs Cargo.
  • Search and Detection Dogd to the whishes of our clients.
 Our teams are specially trained to locate different substances and to alert their handler to the presence of these substances in order to detect the absence of different substances.
To add even more to the needs to satisfy our clients, we are in possession of specially trained teams to satisfy these needs.

With this step our organization is the first in the Netherlands and the Caribbean. Are you curious about our special teams?
There are of course many possibilities to use these specially trained detection dogs. Ask us about the many possibilities.